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Lawn Irrigation Systems

Nelson Sprinkler & Irrigation uses all L R. Nelson products because we know that L.R. Nelson products are made of the highest quality and each product is backed by a complete warranty, insuring that our customers will receive the very best Sprinkler System available on the market today.

At Nelson Sprinkler & Irrigation, we go beyond the normal installation process.

Here is what we consider to be a standard installation:

  • We use 1 PVC pipe throughout the entire system. This insures a very solid construction.
  • Valves are placed in individual boxes per zone. This makes each zone very accessible to shut off if needed.
  • Each system is designed according to City and County regulations.
  • We pull all permits required by local officials.
  • We do a complete site clean-up. We pride ourselves on quality work.

Warranty Information available upon request.

Terry R. Nelson, Owner
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